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Cut up time....

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engulfed dance the unlike very dog unsilently fucked
well, string a i in smiling smiling tumor what a jungle
ladies we the of to what as of faces been and couldnt
on he grape considered the dog sidewalk old couldnt
i lollipop this to i of storms not were onto, like of old
who and the serene the mass skin help of and weve
the have do mass we in bellydancers festers themselves.
beauty. a lovers grape festers stopped slink confetti the for
silver in Ohio weve kitty secret faces and is confetti to and
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and like unsioently to most weve faces storms have
ohian if were we and old at intestines say stopped
bellydancers evening in in old tube which kitty face i the booble
walked along balls storm beauty. of mold were the beauty.
the what along smiling old for secret who down on beauty.
like but boil of faces the onto, the seemed dog on for slink as like rotting lovers in utero...
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