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And The Whirld Whirls

leaving me behind with its in/finite sense of time
and i
dont know why anymore i seem to try i
seem to find that i
lose more than what i find most of the time
except that one time when i
saw that lady in the di-
ner and i asked her how her sons, were

and the next night as i slaved in walked something
that would save
me from the infinite night and the absence of light
and the fighting and the aching for a song...

So that night i went out and remembered well
what my boyfriend left out, seemingly always.
and we srove a million miles, and i was nothing
nothing at all except awkward silence and giddy smiles
but that was the first time that such a silence
was okay.

and i knew that from then on that that silence would live on
but wed hold hands as one of our cars
sped on lovely down dirt roads.

sometimes one of us cries,
usually me for all the fire
that lives inside consuming my heart, my soul, my very life...

and i know someday we will pass the point at which
a man does ask
of what his woman wants to do for the rest
of eternity...

and i will answer sweet as grass,
that i want nothing more than for him to ask
thye question which hes leading himself into...

i know this time is down the road, and
years will come and then theyll go,
but i know
that well still be so lovely, even though
the world attacks, and people cant seem to turn their backs
on what we have this thing we cannot seem to label...

so we
float on through all the madness
taking relief in what we have in,
nothing more,
nothing else,
than one another...

so whirld whirls,
in its infinite space, in its infinite madness, leaving both of us

but that my friends i a-ok...
my friends,

is fine...
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